David Jarvis CBE

Brief info

I am today a retired old ex-naval officer, but way back in 2001 I was the UK Liaison Officer at USSTRATCOM in Omaha Nebraska and I once snuck into the back of one of the very first US PONI conferences being held at Offutt Air Force Base. It was aimed at the next generation, people under 40, so I kept very quiet. But the experience of young people openly and freely discussing nuclear issues stayed with me and so on return to the UK some years later I established an independent UK PONI in 2011. We started with an annual conference free at the point of delivery to make it accessible to people with no sponsors, and it quickly grew and became the PONI you know today. None of this would have been possible without the help of our funders, many of who I am convinced contributed in the early days just to shut me up, nor without the various members of staff who have been innovative, visionary and just plain dogged, and not without the wide range of participants, all of whom have developed UK PONI to what it is today. And the need has never been greater.